US is not a decree: China told how much oil imported from Iran

The main customs administration of China unveiled data on the import of Iranian oil, despite the remaining sanctions of the US government regarding Tehran. This was announced by Al Arabiya TV channel.

Official supply data China reveals for the first time since December 2020, when the import of 520 thousand tons of Iranian oil was reported.

According to the General Customs Administration, in December 2021, China imported more than 260 thousand tons from Iran, or 1.9 million barrels, oil. In published data, it is not specified, which company supplied, as well as in which terminal oil unloaded. Nevertheless, Al Arabiya reports that the point of receiving petroleum products supplied from Iran is the port of Zhanjiang in Guangdong province.

In November 2021, Reuters reported that, according to unofficial data, from August to October, the volume of imports of Iranian oil to China exceeded 500 thousand barrels, reaching about 6% of the total import.

Bloomberg also notes that the disclosure of information about oil supply takes place against the background of the eighth round of negotiations on the restoration of the joint comprehensive action plan (CSPD) on the Iranian nuclear program in Vienna, and China thus seeks to strengthen its economic ties with Iran.