US recognizes “Wagnerists” by terrorists: Prigogine reacted

American senators on Thursday, December 1, introduced a bill that obliges the US State Department to recognize the private military company (PMC) Wagner by a foreign terrorist organization due to its participation in the war in Ukraine and the presence in Africa, but the final decision is not yet Accepted, transmitted media reports.

The bill proposed by senators also proposes to declare any structures or its successors affiliated with PMC Wagner with foreign terrorist organizations “Wagner”.

Assigning a terrorist structure to this or that organization, the United States gives itself the right to criminal prosecution of persons included in it and monitor its international assets around the world.

The businessman and owner of the Concord group, the founder of the PMC Wagner Evgeny Prigozhin believes that the PMC does not fall under the criteria of the terrorist organization. “As for the criteria for classifying the organization as terrorist (according to the regulation of the United States), there are three points and nine subparagraphs, In which it is described in detail who is the terrorist. PMC “Wagner” does not fall under any of these criteria. However, the US activity is completely suitable for them, ”said Prigozhin, quoted by the Russian media.

The businessman claims that PMC “in any of his actions holy protects the interests of Russia, while observing all the norms of morality.” He listed what the Wagner group is known: it “stopped the Russian population in the Donbass in 2014”, “defeated” the Islamic State in Syria in 2015-2017, prevented the revolution in the CAC, destroyed thousands of IG terrorists, “al-Qaeda “and others in Sahel, opposed the intervention of the United States in the elections in Russia and other countries.