US: record prices have grown record

Consumer prices in the United States in May rose five percent in annual terms, and in a monthly – by 0.6 percent. This is reported by CNBC with reference to the Ministry of Labor of the country.

The growth of consumer prices in May in an annualized expression has become a record for 13 years (from August 2008), then the indicator was 5.4 percent. At the end of April, it amounted to 4.2 percent year by year.

Basic inflation in the United States (with the exception of prices for products and energy) in the annual expression was the highest since June 1992 (plus 3.8 percent). For year, food has risen in price by 2.2 percent, and energy carriers – by 28.5 percent. Machines were used as an increase in growth: their cost increased by 7.3 percent per month and 30 percent year by year.

Previously, Deutsche Bank warned about the danger of inflation ignoring. It can lead to a new crisis in the coming years, the consequences of which will be destructive.