US Secretary of State discussed DPRK military activity with Foreign Minister of South Korea and Japan

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken discussed with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea Cho Tae Julia and Japan Kamikawa Yoko Eoko Encoming Activity of North Korea in the region, military support by Pyongyang of Russia and events in the Gaza Strip.

Trilateral meeting took place on the fields of the meeting of the heads of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of G20 in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the press service of the US State Department is betrayed.

The ministers discussed the events that occurred after the Camp-David summit of the leaders of the United States, South Korea and Japan, held in August 2023 and dedicated to overcoming the threat from the DPRK.

As part of the meeting, the parties discussed the military activities of North Korea in the region and the growing military support of Russia by Pyongyan.

Blinken emphasized the need to improve cooperation between the three countries in the fight against the activities of North Korea in the region.

The ministers also emphasized that it is necessary to increase the humanitarian assistance provided by the civilian population in the gas sector.