US Senate approved record military budget for 2023

The US Senate approved the record military budget (National Defense Authorization Act – NDAA) in the amount of $ 858 billion, which was $ 45 billion more than President Joe Biden asked. According to Reuters, at least $ 800 million of this amount will be spent on military assistance to Ukraine.

The document was adopted by the vast majority of votes: 83 senators voted for and only 11 – against. Earlier, the budget approved the House of Representatives. Biden will be expected to sign it in the near future.

The military budget for 2023 includes the costs of increasing the wages of military personnel, the purchase of new weapons, including F-35 ships and fighters, as well as to allocate additional funds for the development of hypersonic weapons. In addition, NDAA involves the allocation of funds to support Taiwan and Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion. In particular, the United States plan to replenish the reserves of equipment available to Kyiv and supply critical ammunition important for the continuation of the war.

The Kremlin previously stated that the draft American military budget is “unprecedentedly confrontational in relation to Russia.

The previous military budget of the United States amounted to $ 740 billion