US State Department calls for a boycott of St. Petersburg Economic Forum

Press Secretary of the State Department of the United States Ned Price called on other countries and companies to the boycott of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, reports the Air Force.

“The US government will not participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in any capacity. We urge the government and the company to join our boycott,” Price wrote on Twitter. According to Price, the State Department hopes to show the Kremlin that no one will conduct business with an aggressor country.

The forum will be held on June 15-18. He was conceived as a “leading world platform for communication between representatives of business circles and discussing key economic issues.”

This year, Russian media claim that representatives of 115 countries will take part in the forum. Among the participants, the media reports, representatives of the UAE, Turkey, Venezuela and Egypt, as well as representatives of the business unions of Italy, Canada, the USA, France and members of the scientific and cultural community of China, India and Cuba.