US transferred Patriot complexes from Germany to Poland

To protect the territory of NATO countries from a potential threat from Russia, the United States replicated two Patriot SPC from Germany to Poland. In the Pentagon, they emphasize that it is not related to some particular event, reports Deutsche Welle.

As a preventive measure in connection with the war in Ukraine, the United States transferred two anti-aircraft missile complex Patriot from Germany to Poland, on Wednesday, on March 9, a high-ranking Pentagon representative. “We will not talk about where they are placed or about the status of their deployment,” he clarified.

The decision to move the batteries Patriot was taken by US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin after consultations with the Government of Poland, which asked about it.

US Defense Secretary John Kirby stressed that the redeployment was not caused by any particular event or action from the Russian side. According to him, in the light of the war in the neighboring system with Poland Ukraine, the Patriot system is best suited to protect the NATO territory from potential Russian threats – they can shoot down airplanes, helicopters and rockets even at high height.