US was accused of creating an analogue of TATO in Asia

The agreement between the United States, South Korea and Japan on strengthening military cooperation was criticized by the DPRK, in Pyongyang this agreement was called part of the US plan to create a military union similar to NATO in the region. About this, as the Moscow Komsomolets writes, said a representative of the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, answering a question set by CST, the State Information Agency reported on Sunday.

“During the recent NATO summit, the rulers of the United States, Japan and South Korea in the anti -republican conspiracy of the confrontation rashly complained to use our fair rights to self -defense and discussed very dangerous joint military response, aimed at us, including tripartite joint military exercises, – quotes Tsat the response of the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Korean People’s Democratic Republic. – as well as the United States and their satellites recorded in the new “strategic concept” adopted in the NATO summit, a hostile phrase, which matches our self -defense measures to strengthen the defense capabilities. “

“on this Summit, NATO has become more clear,” the North Korean diplomat continued, “that the United States is trying to restrain and surround Russia and China by the“ militarization ”of Europe and the“ transformation of the Asia -Pacific region into a NATO region, ”and consider The Tripartite Military Union of the United States – Japan – South Korea is an important means for their implementation. Due to the reckless military machinations of the United States and their satellites, a dangerous situation has developed, fraught with the simultaneous occurrence of a nuclear war in Europe and the Asian -Pacific region. And this led the global world and safety to the safety of The most serious crisis after the end of the Cold War. Reality clearly shows that the true goal of the USA drawing into the version of the “threat from North Korea” is to create a reason to establish hegemony not only in the Asia -Pacific region, including the Korean peninsula, but throughout the world “.

“The current situation emphasizes the relevance of strengthening state defense capacity to actively respond to a sharp deterioration in the Korean Peninsula and ensuring international security,” the North Korean official added.