US was handed over to hostess of G20 summit that Putin should not be there

The White House privately transmitted Indonesia that Russia should not be allowed to the G20 summit, although the president of the country announced on Friday that President Vladimir Putin accepted the invitation. It is reported by CNN.

The president publicly expressed his rejection of President Putin’s participation in the G20, ”said the speaker of the White House Jen Psaki.

According to her, the White House understands that Indonesia invited Putin to take part in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Nevertheless, in the statement confirming the adoption of an invitation by Russia, Indonesia President Joko Vidodo said: “Indonesia wants to unite the G20. Do not allow a split. Peace and stability are the key to restoring and developing the world economy.”

Indonesia also invited Ukraine to take part in the summit as a guest, a step that, according to Psaki, greet the United States, but she said that it is too early to say what the summit would look like.

“Six months. Therefore, we do not know, we cannot foresee how it will look,” she said, adding: “We publicly and particularly expressed our opinion that we do not think that they should to be (Russians – ed.). Part of this. “

Psaki said that there are no signs that Russia is ready for serious diplomacy.

“From this moment, a lot can happen, but we certainly do not see today the indications of the Russian plan to constructively participate in diplomatic negotiations,” she said.