US will place 480 nuclear air bombs in Europe

USA under 2025 is planning to produce 480 new tactical nuclear airbabes in the B61-12 modification, transfers Interfax with reference to the data of the Federation of American scientists. Such an arms volume exceeds the arsenals of nuclear ammunition available at the disposal of China, France, Britain, Pakistan, India, North Korea and Israel.

Nuclear airbabes B61-12 are a modification of previous versions of the B61-3 ammunition, 4, 7 10 and 11. They are intended to equip the B-2 Spirit strategic bombers and B-21 Raider developed, as well as American and other NATO Fighters-bombers in Europe.

According to various estimates, today at the European Theater of Military Activities in the United States has about 100-150 nuclear airbabes for applying tactical aviation.

Thus, the US is going to triple its tactical nuclear potential. Aviabones are designed to equip Tactical Fighters-bombers F-35A, F-15E and F-16C / D, F / A-18 and Tornado US Air Force and other NATO member countries.