US will spend $ 250 billion on technical confrontation with China

The US Congress Senate on Tuesday approved a bill, which will send $ 250 billion from the country’s budget to the confrontation of China in the technical sphere. The broadcast of the meeting was carried out on the website of the Upper Chamber of the Legislative Body, TASS reports.

Initiative, the vote on which should be held last month, supported 68 senators, against spoke 32.

The authors of the bill intend to allocate funds from the budget to work NASA, ministries of commerce and energy in the field of advanced technological research. In particular, it is noted in the document, $ 52 billion will be aimed at the development of semiconductor production in the country for “combating dependence on Chinese companies and technologies.”

Now the initiative is sent to the ward of representatives of the Congress, where a similar bill has already been made earlier, but with a number of differences. Congressmen will now have to decide which initiative to approve.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden on Tuesday welcomed the decision of the senators to support the initiative. According to him, the bill “will help develop critical industries.” “He will allow us to disclose, create and improve the most important technologies of tomorrow – from artificial intelligence, computer chips to lithium batteries used in smart devices and electric vehicles – right here in the USA,” the head of the head of state, which is common in the written statement house.

“We participate in the competition for winning the 21st century, and the starting gun has already fired. While other countries continue to invest in their research and development, we cannot risk staying behind,” said Biden, saying he will sign The bill if the Chamber of Representatives approves it. The head of NASA Bill Nelson and US Commerce Minister Gina Raymondo in common written statements also spoke in support of this initiative.