US will withdraw troops from Niger

The United States agreed to withdraw a military contingent from Niger at the request of the administration that came to power after a military coup.

According to local media, the decision to withdraw troops was made after a meeting in Washington of the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Kurt Campbell and Prime Minister Niger Ali Mahaman Lamin Zeyna.

It is noted that the United States agreed to close the base of unmanned aerial vehicles located near Agadates in the Sahara desert.

It is expected that within a few days the American delegation will go to the NIAMI to ensure an orderly withdrawal of about 1000 military.

Military coup in Niger

On July 26, 2023, the military in Niger announced the overthrow from the post of President of the country Mohamed Bazum and the closure of the borders of the republic. The new leader of the country was declared army General Abdurakhman Tchiana.

The Prime Minister of the transition government became Lamina Zane. A cabinet of ministers consisting of 21 member was formed. Both military and civilians entered the office.

Last month, Niger also terminated a 12-year agreement on military cooperation with the United States. In recent weeks, dozens of Russian military instructors and the latest air defense system have been delivered to Niger.