USA and China discussed situation with world economy

Deputy Prime Minister of China Liu HE and US Minister of Finance, Junet Yellen, held an online conference where the relations of the two countries and the situation in the world were discussed, the South China Morning Post.


This was the first discussion of officials since October 2021. The senior officials of the United States and China discussed the economic sanctions and tariffs of the United States against the Chinese Republic, which were introduced under President Trump. The Biden administration considers a decrease in some trade fees and the lifting of part of the sanctions from Chinese enterprises.

”Yellen openly raised topics that cause concern, including the influence of Russia’s war against Ukraine on the world economy and the unfair, non-market economic practice of the PRC,” the American Ministry of Finance said.

The Ministry of Commerce of the PRC called the conversation “pragmatic and frank.” Beijing emphasized that the conversation was the initiative of the American side. “The parties believe that the world economy is faced with serious problems. It is very important to strengthen the connection and coordination of macro-policy between China and the USA, as well as jointly maintain the stability of the global production chain and supply chains, which are beneficial to both China, and the whole world,”- It is said on the website of the Chinese ministry. In his press release, Ukraine is not mentioned.