USA and Russia argued because of WHO report in Ukraine

The USA and Russia dispersed about the report of the World Health Organization on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Moscow said that he was politically motivated, Washington called for his speedy update, reports Reuters.

The report of the general director of Tedros Adhanom Goebreesus was submitted by the executive council of the organization, which includes both the United States and Russia. The report will document more than 14,000 victims among the civilian population, while 17.7 million people need humanitarian assistance, 7.5 million Ukrainian refugees are forced to migrate to Europe. The report notes that out of 471 attacks using heavy weapons on medical facilities around the world, 448 occurred in Ukraine.

The US representative in the UN Nations, Sheba Croker, called for preparing an updated report in order to also document incidents in Ukraine since September. “Russian attacks … caused incredible damage to the civilian population and the most important infrastructure in Ukraine,” she said at a meeting of the Council.

“… This meaningless death and destruction brutally affects the access of children, elderly people and other vulnerable groups of the population to vital medical services,” Krker added.

The representative of Russia in the WHO Council named the report politicized and one -sided, regarding the information about Ukraine as unreasonable accusations.