USA does not know who own downed mysterious objects

The American military does not have information about the country of origin or physical and mechanical properties of three objects shot down over North America over the past three days, the head of the Aerospace Defense command of North America (Norad) General Van Herk told reporters.

“I am not going to classify them to the category of balloons. We call them objects not just like that,” the general’s interfax quotes.

He added: “I can’t classify what they remain in the air. It can be a gas cylinder inside the structure or some type of motor installation.”

At the same time, the general said that the country of the last three objects was not determined, unlike the Chinese balloon, which the US military shot down off the coast of South Carolina last week. “I am not sure and strongly urge you not to ascribe this to any particular country. We do not know,” he said.

Earlier, the F-16 fighter of the American Air Force over Lake Guron on the border with Canada, another flying object was shot down. He became the fourth, knocked over the territories of the United States and Canada: previously two were destroyed off the coast of South Carolina and over Alaska, one in the airspace of Canada over Yukon.