USA hopes for continuation of dialogue of Azerbaijan and Armenia

The United States hopes for continuing the dialogue and the constructive atmosphere between Azerbaijan and Armenia to resolve disagreements, said the representative of the US State Department Ned Price.

“We hope that the dialogue and the constructive atmosphere between the two countries will continue to lead to a solid world and solving problems,” Turan Pris quotes.

Price recalled that the Foreign Minister of Armenia and Azerbaijan at the last meeting agreed to speed up negotiations and organize a new meeting in the coming weeks.

at the question of the agency, whether the theme of the Karabakh conflict was discussed during the recent visit of the President of France to Washington, and whether the United States is ready to replace Brussels after the meeting on December 7 of the meeting of Aliyev and Pashinyan, Price said that the answer to this question could give a white house , which can speak out of any potential discussion of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“As you know, the United States actively interact with the parties to help ensure a peaceful future for the region of the South Caucasus,” he added.

Price recalled that Secretary of State Blinken already held two tripartite meetings between Armenia and Azerbaijan. He also continues to maintain telephone communication with the parties.