USA is concerned: Russia can use chemical weapons in Ukraine

The White House believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin can use chemical weapons against Ukraine if Russian troops continue to suffer. After that, he will be ready to resort to a nuclear confrontation, writes Politico with reference to sources.

So far, the United States has no intelligence, proving that Russia inevitably uses chemical weapons. However, Washington prepares its allies for such a development of events, and also invests in the systems for detecting the use of chemicals.

Most of the interlocutors of the publication to the US Ministry of Defense believe that in winter the fighting will be stalled. But if this does not happen and the Russian army continues to lose position, then Moscow can take a chance to use chemical weapons, including the “beginner”.

“Novice” can be used for a mass attack with a large number of victims, officials and experts told the publication. For example, Novice can be used through aerosol or in ammunition for mass damage. In addition, the traces of the “beginner” are easy to hide and it will be more difficult to blame Moscow, say the interlocutors of the publication.

The publication notes that in the USA they have long known that Russia is building up the potential of chemical weapons. In the fall, senators informed about the reserves of chemical weapons in Russia and the risks of its use in Ukraine, the assistant congressman told the publication.

Against this background, the Biden administration is preparing for a potential chemical attack and improves its detection. In the fall, the Pentagon sent groups to Eastern Europe to familiarize the military with procedures in case of a chemical or biological attack, Politico sources told.