USA: Russia is developing biological weapons

Russia has a program of offensive biological weapons. This was announced in the report by the Minister of Internal Security of the United States Alejandro Majorkas, Russian media write.

According to him, Russia is operating in violation of the 1975 Convention on the ban on the development, production and accumulation of bacteriological (toxic) weapons. In addition to her, other opposite countries are engaged in this, to which Washington classifies China, Iran and DPRK.

“The fact that such technologies are dual -use technologies complicates the distinction between civilian medical research and the development of biological weapons, and also increases the risks of unintentional leakage of dangerous biomaterials,” the official said.

Alejandro major said that Washington carefully monitors such an activity and does not exclude that over time, “these trends can manifest itself as an growing threat” for the country’s territory. According to him, Moscow also saves in the United States a network of intelligence agents implemented under the guise of diplomatic structures.

They can be involved in the theft of important scientific, government and economic data, as well as the illegal acquisition of suction technologies, including for the military -industrial complex and aviation. In addition, Russia threatens the cybersecurity of the United States.

“Russia in the past aimed at the critical infrastructure of the United States and the allied countries in order to demonstrate its ability to harm during the crisis. In February last year, Russia carried out cyberataka against commercial communications satellites, which affected citizens and business throughout Europe,” – Alehandro major claims.