USA: worried about behavior of Iran

The US authorities are discussing with many countries the military-technical interaction of the Russian Federation and Iran, believe that the states of the Middle East should be concerned about the cooperation of Moscow and Tehran, said the US Minister of Defense for International Security Selest Wollander.

“The United States is conducting diplomatic work with many countries so that they are aware of the challenges related to the cooperation of Russia and Iran, that it not only poses a threat to Ukrainian citizens, but can also strengthen the evil activity of Iran by providing Moscow Tehran of opportunities, support, experience, ”she said, speaking at an event in the Washington Center for a new American security.

“This is what we are talking about with the countries in the Middle East, we say that they need to pay attention, to be concerned about it and work with us to counteract this where it is possible,” added Wallander.

According to her, “the USA is aware of what a call Iran represents” in the region in itself. “And, of course, the United States is still focused on the prevention of nuclear weapons by Iran. Now it is layered on those actions that cause concern that relate to the cooperation of Russia and Iran in the defense sector. But this does not fundamentally change our assessment of the problem,” – The Walllander summed up.