Uzbekistan: dozens of children were poisoned due to medication

In Uzbekistan, the SAMO company has begun, which produces the drug “Antihrumin”. It is reported by “”.

According to information, the parents, whose were hospitalized last week, suspected that this drug was the reason.

The Center for the Security of Pharmaceutical Products under the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan checks the plant for compliance with regulatory documents on drugs and pharmaceutical activity.

After it became known about the hospitalization of at least 71 children in the Namangan region (in total it was reported about 450 children), the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan from September 22 introduced the ban on the use of Antihrumin tablets No. 100 until the investigation was completed. Khokimyuts of the Andijan Region announced the hospitalization of 12 children who took Antihtrumin.

However, soon the Deputy Minister of Health Elmir Basithanova said that “suspicions of food or medicine have not yet been confirmed.” She noted that children may have ARVI.

Dozens of children in Tashkent entered the department of toxicology of the center of emergency medical care with signs of poisoning, temperature, and disorders of the stomach. Parents reported that the children fell ill after taking the drug iodine. Doctors declare the lack of communication with the medicine. “” published a report on the situation.

on the fact of hospitalization of hundreds of children, a criminal case was instituted, the General Prosecutor’s Office said.