Victims of armed attack on mosque in Burkina-Faso became 14 people

Unknown people made an armed attack on the mosque in the city of Nasiaboani in the east of Burkina-Faso: 14 people were killed.

According to the NPO “The Burkina-Faso Islamic Associations of the Islamic Associations”, the incident occurred on Sunday, February 25. Among the dead and imam of the mosque.

On the same day, an armed attack on the church of the city of Essacan was committed in the east of the country, as a result of which 15 people were killed.

In Burkina-Faso, due to a security crisis that broke out in 2015, more than two million people were forced to leave their homes. According to the government, only 120 thousand people later returned back.

Prime Minister Apolliner Joachimson Keel de Tambel said last year that 65 percent of the country’s territory was under state control.