Visit of US Senators to Taiwan in China has been provocated by provocation

Beijing believes the recent visit of the US senators to Taiwan with a political provocation and requires Washington to immediately terminate all official ties and contacts on the military line with Taipei, said the official representative of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC from Qian.

Three American senator Tammy Dakuort, Dan Salvan and Chris Kuns last Sunday visited Taiwan with a short visit, during which they met with the head of the administration of Tsai Invention.

“US senators on a military aircraft arrived at Taiwan, they used a Taiwanese question for a” political show “, challenged the principle of” one of China “, trying to achieve the so-called target” to control China using Taiwan “, it is extremely ugly Political provocation, we strongly oppose it, “- quotes RIA Novosti Statement from Qian.

The representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense noted that the US actions became a serious violation of UN resolution 2758, the consensus of the international community on the “Chinese” violation of the principle of “one of China” and the provisions of three joint US-Chinese communiques, at the same time, these actions have undermined The foundations of China and the United States, and also caused damage to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. “We demand that the US immediately stop any official exchanges and military contacts with Taiwan,” he indicated.