Vladimir Putin: Nazi crimes have no statute of limitations

Nazis crimes do not have a statute of limitations, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized at the opening ceremony of the memorial to the USSR civilians – the victims of the Nazi Genoocide during the Great Patriotic Wonor.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that crimes committed against the former Soviet people during the Second World War will continue to be investigated. “We will do our best to stop and completely destroy Nazism,” he said.

The ceremony was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Belarusian Alexander Lukashenko. In his speech, Putin recalled that on January 27, 1944, the Soviet Army eliminated the blockade of Leningrad.

“Our state is transmitted from generation to generation and does not have a proportion. How did the Hitler’s crimes do not have its crimes and their post -Bobnikov – those who calmly trained and brutally created the genocide of the Soviet halt,” said Putin.

He emphasized that these crimes were not overwhelmed by the battlefields – mass killings of unarmed and uninterrupted old people, women, children, invalids “were thoughtful social punitive actions.”

Having stated that in some countries the history is corresponding and changing, Nazi ideology is adopted and Nazi methods are used, Putin noted that this happened in Ukraine.

Pointing that civilians continue to die as a result of attacks, Putin said: “We will do our best to stop and completely destroy Nazism.”