Vladimir Zelensky threatened to get out of Budapest Memorandum

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky declared its intention to initiate consultations within the framework of the Budapest Memorandum. This is reported in a speech, which was broadcast by the office of the head of state in Facebook.

During the Munich Security Conference, Zelensky announced plans associated with the revision of the refusal of Ukraine from nuclear weapons.

According to Zelensky, if the summit of the participating countries of the Budapest Memorandum will not take place or will not provide Ukraine security guarantees, then Kiev recognizes the document invalid.

“Consult counseling is entrusted to the Foreign Ministry. If they do not take place again or, they will not be guaranteed security for our Ukraine, we have the full right to believe that the Budapest Memorandum does not work,” said Zelensky.

Budapest Memorandum implies security guarantees and territorial integrity of Ukraine. In turn, Kiev guarantees a rejection of nuclear weapons. The document was signed by Russia, USA and Britain on December 5, 1994.