Volume of tea exports from Turkey in 2 months of year exceeded $ 6 million

The volume of tea exports from Turkey in January -February of the current year increased by 85 percent compared to the same period of 2023 -Up to 6 million 63 thousand 44 dollars. This was announced by the “Anadola” deputy head of the Association of Exporters of the East Black Sea region of Turkey (DKİb) Shaban Turgut.

According to him, Turkish tea is realized in 85 countries of the world, autonomous and free zones.

Turgut noted that in January-February of the current year 1347 tons of tea in the amount of 6 million 63 thousand 44 were sold abroad, while in the same period last year, the income from the sale of 661 tons of tea amounted to 3 million 274 thousand 872 dollar.

“Thus, the export of tea from Turkey increased by 104 % in kind compared to the same period last year and by 85 % in monetary,” he said.

According to the deputy head of the Association, the top 3 importers of Turkish tea included Belgium, the USA and Great Britain.

In the period under consideration, tea was sold to Belgium in the amount of 2 million 825 thousand 932 dollars, in the USA – 637 thousand $ 645 and in the UK – 501 thousand 389 dollars, Turgut said.

In addition, tea from Turkey in the period under consideration was sold to Mauritania, Japan, Liberia, Croatia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Syria, Chile, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Burundia, Gambia, Venezuela, Cuba, Djibuti, Brazil, Dubai, Dubai Angola and Cambodia. As the popularity of Turkish tea in foreign markets increases in the coming period, a positive dynamics in the export of products will be observed, Turgut added.