Volunteer doctors support civilian population of Ukraine

Against the backdrop of an ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, volunteer brigades provide medical and psychological support to the civilian population in the threat of disappearance of settlements.

In the Kharkov region of Ukraine, fierce battles continue between Ukrainian and Russian armies, the frontline areas are under intensive shelling.

Against the background of the current situation, volunteer brigades organize raids in front -line cities and villages, access to which is organized due to intensive hostilities. In particular, volunteers support civilians who, for various reasons, cannot be evacuated.

The Charity Organization of Ukraine operating in the Kharkov region provides medical and psychological assistance to residents of the city of Kupyansk and adjacent settlements.

According to the order, the brigades go to the region at least three times a week and organize the transportation of seriously ill patients to Kharkov hospitals in ambulances. Upon completion of the treatment, patients are again delivered to their homes.

ANADOLOSISTION FLOSE AND ANDARTS WORK OF Ukrainian volunteers in the settlements of the Kharkiv region.

The head of the Ukrainian Way of Ukraine, Vitaly Dmitryuk, said that volunteers established work with the Ukrainian administration in front -line settlements, creating about 50 assistance points in the city of Kupyansk and surrounding areas.

According to the head of the organization, the brigade of doctors and psychologists go to these points several times a week.

“Our psychologist works specifically with children. Many of them had stuttering. Now the situation has changed a bit. Our doctors also examine the patients who have applied for help and send them to the hospital depending on the situation. We have a” social taxi “project, Within the framework of which they are delivered to Kharkov and vice versa on a free basis. Depending on the health status of some patients, they deliver to hospitals for surgery. Therefore, we go to settlements, provide the necessary assistance and try to convince local residents to leave dangerous regions, ”Dmitryuk said.

The detachments of volunteers are trying to show Ukrainian citizens that they are not abandoned to their fate, to create motivation, he added.