Wake-up monkeys terrorize Thai city

Hallets of the raging wild monkeys terrorize the Thai city of Lopbury 150 km north of Bangkok, reports BBC.

Lopburi is known in the country with its huge population of Macak, which attracts tourists from around the world. Usually, the monkeys were abundantly fed tourists, but in a pandemic, the locals also began to throw them food. Since the beginning of a coronavirus quarantine, 6 thousand macak Lopburi has become more aggressive: now they penetrate the dwellings and steal everything that lies badly. An abandoned cinema in the city even became their “base”: local residents say that anyone who tried to enter was attacked. In addition, fierce clashes between rival flocks of monkeys sometimes block roads.

Urban services lure the primates with fruit into the cells and take off for sterilization, but they simply do not sleep for the growth of the number of monkeys.