Washington: an impulse is shifted towards sending of long -range weapon to Ukraine

The United States began to consider the issue of the transfer of ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine and F-16 fighters. The West is already ready to start training pilots.

About this during a visit to Kyiv on February 21, the American politician, the head of the Committee of the House of Representatives for Foreign Affairs, Michael McColus, reports Reuters.

According to him, in Washington, an impulse is shifted towards the sending of a long -range weapon to Ukraine.

McColus admitted that the US presidential administration and the National Security Council still disagree on how quickly and what weapons to send to our country. However, there are already shifts in this matter.

“But I see an increasing impulse to the input of artillery and aircraft. And in any case, we can start training pilots right now so that they are ready,” McColus said.

In addition, an American deputy after a meeting with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the Ukrainian leader gave him a list of weapons necessary for our country. The list has both F-16 and ATACMS. Zelensky argued this need for such a weapon can reach Crimea to hit the Iranian drones with which Russia attacks Ukraine.

The President of Ukraine has already commented on a meeting with the delegation of the House of Representatives of the US Congress and Michael McColo. He called her important.