Washington Has Taken Enhanced Security Measures In Connection With NATO Summit

In the capital of the United States, Washington, enhanced security measures were taken in connection with the upcoming NATO summit on July 9-12.

Leading to the White House and the building of the Congress, the roads are blocked. The local police, the FBI, the forces of the secret service and the National Guard will ensure order in the American capital during the event.

Safety measures taken to the 75th NATO summit will come into force on Tuesday, ninth July. Accordingly, the roads and metro stations near the White House and in the area of ​​the summit will be closed.

The Secret Service, which also protects the US President, is responsible for the safety of foreign leaders of the summit.

The US State Department of the State Department of the State Department and the Pentagon Security Bureau will provide personal protection of other representatives of foreign delegations.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) will provide intelligence information and prevent physical and virtual threats.

The Washington Capital Police Department is responsible for general security measures in the area declared security zone. Police will be authorized to monitor public order and timely prevent possible protests.

The troops of the National Guard of Washington were instructed to ensure road safety and direct the transport flow around the city. The National Guard is authorized to strengthen the forces of public order, if it considers it necessary.

The capital of Washington, in which the White House and the building of the Congress are located, after the attacks of September 11, was declared a useless zone, and flights were carried out in compliance with strict security rules.

In connection with the 75th NATO summit, the US National Civil Aviation Department has expanded the use of a useless zone by releasing an aviation notification (notes) for Washington. In case of violation of the rules, pilots can be detained and interrogated.

Americans who work and live in a safe zone will enter and go through checkpoints.

freight vehicles entering the territory will be passed into the territory after a thorough check using large X-ray devices.

On all the roads between the hotels where the leaders stopped, and the Congress Center installed iron barriers that do not allow pedestrians to go on the highway.

on high -rise buildings, from where important locations are visible within the summit area, snipers are placed.

In connection with reinforced security measures, many restaurants and offices operating in the area declared security zone decided to close during the summit.

Taxi and couriers are allowed to work, but delays are possible due to thorough checks at checkpoints.

The United States accept the NATO summit for the first time in 25 years. In the capital of Washington, there were no such large -scale security measures since the African leaders summit, held in 2022.