Washington lifted ban on supply of weapons to Ukrainian battalion “Azov”

The United States lifted the ban on the supply of American weapons to the special forces of the Azov to the National Guard of Ukraine.

The representative of the US State Department, who wished to remain anonymous, told BBC that there were no cases of violation of human rights from Azov during the investigation.

Azov confirmed the withdrawal of the ban on the supply of American weapons to the military unit. “Assistance in the form of supplying weapons and training from the United States will not only increase the combat effectiveness of” Azov “, but, most importantly, will contribute to the preservation of the lives and health of the personnel of the brigade” – follows from the statement.

Azov, created in 2014 as a volunteer brigade, was later integrated into the National Guard.

In the report published by the UN in 2016, the Azov team was accused of “embezzlement of civil property and the movement of people” in the east of Ukraine.