Washington will put pressure on China

Washington is concerned about the export of Iranian oil to China and will increase the pressure on Beijing to prevent supplies.

This was announced by Bloomberg by the US Special Representative for Iran Robert Melly.

“The United States will take the necessary steps to stop the exports of Iranian oil and keep other countries from its purchase. We did not soften our sanctions against Iran, including restrictions in the field of oil trade. The USA is focused on China, and this is an absolutely right decision,” – Said Melly.

According to him, Beijing is the “main destination of illegal Iranian deliveries”, so attempts to dissuade the PRC from procurement “will be activated.”

In 2018, after the US exit from the nuclear transaction, Washington introduced the most extensive sanctions in history against Tehran. More than 700 banks, companies and individuals, as well as export supplies of Iranian oil, fell under their effect. However, in recent months, the supply of Iranian oil has increased sharply, despite the condemnation of such trade by the United States, Bloomberg indicates.