Waste Waste project brought Turkey 62.5 billion lire

Environmental project “Zero waste”, implemented in Turkey under the patronage of the wife of the Turkish leader Emine Erdogan, allowed to prevent 3.9 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Active support for the initiative voiced since 2017, provides the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Change of Climate of Turkey.

Thanks to the Waste Waste project, 530 million kW-hour energy and 572 million cubic meters of fresh water were saved in Turkey.

The processing of collected waste brought the country an income of 62 billion 200 million Turkish lires.

with the introduction of a fee for plastic bags from January 1, 2019, their use has decreased by 65 percent.

Cleaning territories continues both on land and at sea. As of the end of 2022, 154 thousand tons of waste were collected from the Turkish sea zone.