“We did not believe to last”: Ermak explained them with Glank first hours of war

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andrei Ermak said that after the first information about Russian bombers gathered and went to work – the head of state Vladimir Zelensky was already on the bank. He told about it in an interview with the Ukrainian Pravda.

“I arrived somewhere around 2 nights home. There was an understanding, what situation, because there was a lot of information at that time. But almost an hour and a half I have already received from the intelligence, and from military information about the start of hostilities . Therefore, I quickly gathered and was for about 5 o’clock in the morning at the office of the president.

I received information that the battles began on the border, and that the bombing went. Therefore, immediately, almost from the first minutes, I was in the office. And when I arrived at banking, the president was already in place.

You know, we did not believe until the latter that it would happen, honestly. You know that there was a lot of information from our partners. But still we did not believe.

We were preparing, of course. And therefore we see the result – we successfully fight the second week. This is the evidence that we have prepared all these months. But did not believe in the last, “said Ermak.

The head of the president’s office said, as the Zelensky team reacted to the beginning of the war – they were collected, concentrated, no one had a panic, everyone understood what to do.