“Week of Turkish cuisine”: in Azerbaijan introduced dishes of Turkish Khatai

In the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, in the framework of the “Week of Turkish Cuisine”, the dishes of the Southern Turkish province of Hatai were presented

“Week of Turkish cuisine” is held in many countries of the world on May 21-27 under the patronage of the wife of Turkey President Emine Erdogan.

The organizers of the event at the Turkish Embassy in Baku were the head of the diplomatic mission of Jahit Bahja and his wife Leila Bakhja.

The program was attended by spouses of representatives of diplomatic mission accredited in Baku.

The guests were presented to the Khatai kitchen, they told about the history and culture of the region.

According to the Ambassador of Jahita Bahge, when preparing dishes for today’s event, the organizers were guided by the rules of the Zero waste project, also implemented under the patronage of Emine Erdogan.

The diplomat recalled that the Hatai Province became one of the most affected during the February earthquakes in Turkey. “Hatai Province is one of the provinces that survived this great destruction. We wanted to talk about the unique cuisine of Ancient Hatya, also known as the” City of Civilizations, “Bachjah said.