“Week of Turkish cuisine”: in Montenegro introduced dishes of Turkish Hatai

In the capital of Montenegro, Podgoritsa, in the framework of the “Week of Turkish Cuisine”, the dishes of the Southern Turkish province of Hatai were presented.

“Week of Turkish cuisine” is held in many countries of the world under the patronage of the wife of Turkey President Emine Erdogan.

The organizers of the event at the Turkish Embassy in Podgorica were the head of the diplomatic mission of Barysh Kalkavan and his wife Bilge Kalkavan.

The program was attended by local and foreign guests, including the mayor of Podgritz Oliver Injaj, the diplomats accredited in Montenegro and members of the International Women’s Club Montenegro (IWC).

The guests were presented to the kitchen of Hatya, who suffered from destructive earthquakes that fell upon Turkey in early February. In their presence, the famous Turkish dessert Kunef was prepared.