Western details were found in Iranian drones

Ukrainian experts found that about 75% of components in Iranian drones were produced by the USA, European countries and Israel. It is reported by Wall Street Journal.

OPHIR Optronics, a leading Israeli manufacturer of precision infrared optics, photonics and three -dimensional contactless measuring equipment, sent a request to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Telescopic infrared lenses of the intelligence drone Mohajer-6, which were investigated in Ukraine, are identical to those that Ophir Optronics.

The company admits that Tehran could purchase surveillance technologies through intermediaries or buy copies of components in China, which are produced in Western countries.

Israeli defense department is conducting an investigation. According to experts, the systems mentioned in the Wall Street Journal do not constitute a controlled military product and double -purpose products.

of more than two hundred technical components that Ukrainian researchers identified in one of the Iranian drones, about half belonged to companies from the United States and almost a third – companies from Japan. According to American officials, Washington began an investigation to find out where Iran got components for his drones.