What instructions did Sabukha Salimov receive from Iranian intelligence?

At the next court hearing in the criminal case of Sabukhi Salimov, accused of illegal ties with the special services of Iran, an audio recording of a telephone conversation of the accused with Elchin Manafov, a relative of the Chairman of the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan Haji Movsum Samedov, was heard.

(It is important to recall that Elchin Manafov was the first deputy chairman of the Islamic party, and after the arrest of Haji Movsum Samedov, he headed her. As for the defendant, he was a personal driver of Manafov – Ed.)

Judging by the materials of the investigation, it was Elchin Manafov who connected the defendant with the employees of the Xir, when Sabukhi Salimov went to Iran, where he had to perform surgery on his heart. The defendant confirmed this, both during the preliminary investigation and in court.

From the audio recording of a telephone conversation it follows that Salimov told Manafov about his meeting in Iran with the officers of the Xir, for the help they proposed in connection with the heart surgery, and also handed them to Manafov.


“There are things that only you and no one else should know, – Elchin Manafov answered this.” I have to organize something, our detachment should be in the party. You can call it “a committee of assistance to the arrested brothers.” a friend of this detachment should not. It is necessary to conduct an investigation inside the party and find out who works for the government. “

In this conversation, Salimov also told Manafov that Officers Ksir urged him to be careful when talking on mobile phones that could listen to.

According to the judge, the investigation has many similar audio recordings.

The court will continue on November 22.

According to the text of the indictment, the defendant Sabukhi Salimov repeatedly traveled to Iran, where he met with local special services and took money from them. CSIR employees entrusted Salimov with various tasks, including holding a protest rally in front of the Israeli Embassy in Baku, during which he was supposed to burn the flag of the Jewish state.

Sabukhi Salimov denies the charges, stating that he did not commit acts incriminated to him not at the direction of the special services of Iran, but by virtue of his religious beliefs.

for reference. The Islamic Party of Azerbaijan was founded in the village of Nardaran in 1991 and passed state registration in 1992. After the arrest of her chairman, Haji Alikram, the party’s registration was canceled by the Supreme Court.

Movsum Samedov, elected by the party chairman in 2007, was accused of espionage in favor of Iran and sentenced in 2011 to twelve years in prison.

Currently, the Islamic Party of Azerbaijan is headed by Haji Elchin Manafov.