What was in big bag of Israeli minister at a meeting with Putin?

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin received the Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Benneta in his residence in Sochi. Negotiations lasted about five hours, their content was not disclosed. The parties limited themselves to the general statements. However, there is no doubt – the conversation was about the Iranian nuclear program and about Syria.

According to Haqqin.az, the Prime Minister of Israel was accompanied by the Minister of Construction of Zeave Elkin. The big bag in the hands of the Israeli Minister attracted the attention of media representatives and users of social networks.

Zeave Elkin himself told the Israeli media that there were “aerial photographs” and souvenir for Putin:

– The package had souvenirs and military photos for the Russian President who were needed to discuss security issues. With the help of photos, we were able to discuss important issues important for Israel. Some of them remained from the President of Russia.

The Minister did not specify which photos are we talking about, but experts believe that Iranian military facilities in Syria are depicted on them.

Zeave Elkin accompanied the Israeli delegation as a translator. He said that Putin and Bennett “there was a good relationship”, and the Russian president even invited the Israeli Prime Minister to visit. “Putin showed us his residence, and then invited Bennett to his private house, which was a rather unexpected gesture,” he said.

Israeli minister stated that because of the situation with Coronavirus, Putin did not allow anyone to himself, so there was no one from the Assistants of Benneta. As a result, he had to wear a bag with photographs and souvenirs. Elkin stressed that negotiations have “practical results”, adding that these results will not be published.

– Well, of course, there are results. Practical agreements are achieved both by Iran’s nuclear program and in Syria’s situation. Therefore, the meeting lasted long enough. Initially, it was planned that it would pass two hours, but in the end it took all five. There were very solid and comprehensive discussions.