What were Bayramov and Abdollahian in Tehran talked about?

On Monday, July 4, as part of an official visit to Iran, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jahun Bayramov met with the Foreign Minister of Iran Hossein Amir Abdollahian. At the meeting, Jaykhun Bayramov expressed gratitude to his colleague for invitation and hospitality.

During the meeting, it was emphasized that holding two meetings between the presidents of the two countries is an indicator of the development of ties between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Minister Bayramov noted that over the past year, trade between the two countries grew by 30%, and in the first half of 2022 – by 18%, and drew attention to the potential for development in this area.

The importance of cooperation between Azerbaijan and Iran in the energy sector, in particular, projects “Khudaferin” and “Gyz Galasa”, was emphasized. The ministers noted that there are effective regional cooperation between the countries and announced the importance of continuing the construction of the railway terminal in Astara, as well as the successful continuation of the construction of the bridge across Astarachai.

Speaking about the restoration and construction works carried out by Azerbaijan in the liberated territories after the war, Jaykhun Bayramov emphasized the participation of Iranian companies in this process.

Jaykhun Bayramov informed Abdolchian about the steps taken by Azerbaijan in the direction of world building in the region, expressed readiness to normalize relations with Armenia on the basis of strict observance by Azerbaijan of the principles of international law.

In turn, Iranian Foreign Minister accepted the invitation and thanked Jayhun Bayramov for his visit to Iran. He with satisfaction noted the successes and signed documents reached at a meeting of the heads of the two countries. Noting that Azerbaijan occupies an important place in Iran’s foreign policy, Hossain Amir Abdollahian emphasized the successful continuation of cooperation between the two countries in various fields, including in economics, trade, transport, energy.

He also announced the determination of the Iranian side in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding to create new communication ties between the Eastern Zangesur economic district of the Azerbaijan Republic and the Nakhchyansk Autonomous Republic passing through the territory of Iran. “