What will be weather on first day of October

Tomorrow, variable cloudy is expected in Baku and on the Apheron Peninsula, mainly without precipitation, a moderate north wind will blow, the National Hydrometeorological Service reports.

Air temperature at night 19-21 °, during the day 25-28 °, in Baku at night 19-21 °, during the day 25-27 °.

Atmospheric pressure will drop from 767 mm to 763 mm Hyle -elaborate. The relative humidity will be 65-75%.

In the areas of Azerbaijan, it is basically not expected, however, thunderstorms, short -term rains are possible in places, a moderate eastern wind will blow. Fog is possible at night and in the morning.

Air temperature at night will be 14-19 °, during the day 29-33 °, in the mountains at night 5-10 °, during the day 16-21 °.