White House: Putin wants to “put Ukrainians on his knees”

The representative of the US National Security Council, John Kirby, said that the President of the Russian Federation had already used food and fear as a weapon, now he was adopted by the winter to “put the Ukrainians on his knees.” So he commented on Russia’s blows on Ukrainian civil infrastructure a few days before the start of winter, Ukrainian media reports.

“It was vile and months before, but these blows were aimed only on one thing – to put the Ukrainians on his knees, because he cannot put the armed forces of Ukraine on his knees,” Kirby said.

The coordinator of the National Security Council for Strategic Communications added that the United States provides weapons and train the Armed Forces of Ukraine so that they are successful on the battlefield. In addition, the United States also work with its allies around the world to support Ukraine. In particular, partners should help establish the delivery of everything necessary to maintain the work of critical infrastructure.