White House: Russia can attack Ukraine until mid-February

The spokesman for the White House, Jen Psaki, stated that, according to the United States, Russia may begin the invasion of Ukraine in the period from the current dates until mid-February. About this, as the “Kommersant” reports, she reported to journalists at a briefing.

Psaki expressed concern that “Russian government is preparing invasion”: “We saw it before, it returns us in 2014, including sabotage and information transactions on the charges of Ukraine in the preparation of inevitable attacks on Russian forces in the East of Ukraine and the Russian military Plans to begin such activity a few weeks before the military invasion, which can begin between the mid-January and mid-February. “

Previously, CNN, referring to an unnamed American official, reported that Russia allegedly prepared an operational group for the “operation in the East of Ukraine under a strange flag.” They were called the same dates – between mid-January and mid-February. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Sadkov, commenting on these publications, stated that such data were not confirmed and worried about the vote.