WHO about growth of Covid-19 in world

more than 5.7 million people infected coronavirus infection over the past week, almost 10 thousand died. The number of infection cases increased by 6%, and the number of deaths decreased by 2% compared to previous seven days, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, TASS.

As noted in its weekly ballot, “the number of cases of the disease is growing the fifth week in a row after a tendency to a decrease observed after peak values ​​in March.” From July 4 to 10, the world recorded an increase in incidence of 6% and a decrease in mortality by 2% compared to the previous week. WHO received reports of infection 5,776,242 people and about 9,872 deaths.

The largest increase in the number of infected ones is registered in the West Physocean region (plus 28%) and the Eastern Mediterranean (plus 25%). At the same time, the incidence has significantly decreased in Africa (minus 33%). The increase in mortality was recorded in the Eastern Mediterranean (plus 78%) and Southeast Asia (plus 23%). At the same time, it decreased in Africa (minus 17%), the Western Pacific region (minus 10%) and America (minus 4%).

France reported the largest number of infected in the week – 771 260. The following are followed by the United States (722 924), Italy (661 984), Germany (561 136) and Brazil (396 781). In the United States, the most dead are registered in seven days – 1,987. The following are Brazil (1 639), China (692), Spain (619) and Italy (574), the information ballot is noted.