Who and why killed businesswoman Said Huseynov?

Small entrepreneur 53-year-old Said Huseynova died in April of this year as a result of a fire in her broiler workshop in the village of Ashagy Budzhag Evlakhsky district. Sister of the victim, Rachel Akhmedova, claims: arson was deliberate and Huseynov killed with special cruelty.

According to the correspondent HAQQın.az, according to the official data published at the time of the tragic incident, the carrying structures of a single-storey building with a total area of ​​30 square meters and a broiler shop with a total area of ​​520 square meters were burned. Incubators and a large number of eggs burned down, and the burnt remains of the Huseynova herself found in the house.

According to Rachel Ahmedova, her sister Said was engaged in a small business, divorced chickens and sold them. The building where the fire occurred, consisted of residential premises, indoors for incubators and premises for growing chickens.

Ahmedova argues that on the night of the fire, her sister was killed from mercenary motives, and the shop and house set fire to hide the traces of the crime: “My sister’s financial situation was always good. She loved gold jewelry, so there was a lot of gold in the house, Diamonds that were kept in the Iron Safe. In the same safe, she kept money. My sister was killed from mercenary motives. Jewels and money were stolen. “

According to the sister of the victim, Said did not let anyone in the workshop, except for members of his family. If someone came to buy chickens, it was served either through a window with an iron grille next to the iron gates of the residential premises, or through the windows of the room, where they held chickens.

“chickens She sold through the window. The entrance door was always closed with iron valve from the inside. That is, it is impossible to open it outside. But when we arrived after a fire, they saw that the entrance door was open … the burnt body of my sister was in the room far From the door. The fact that the door was open, means that a person or people who killed my sister poured this territory with gasoline and set fire to it, and then disappeared. If these people were let the Said herself, it means that she knew them and trusted them “,” says Ahmedov.

Relatives of the victim said that a week before the fire, Said lost the key from the safe, in which the money and gold were stored. She was not able to find the key and caused a specialist to make the helper with assistants (the personality of these people R. Aakhmedova is known – ed.) And the gold has been removed, diamonds and money. The fire occurred after that.