WHO: because of these countries, Covid-19 pandemic will continue in 2022

Advisor to the head of the World Health Organization Bruce Ailward said that the coronavirus pandemic “may continue during a significant part of 2022,” reports the Air Force.

Islevard explained by the fact that poor countries of the world do not receive enough vaccines from coronavirus, and rich countries do not fulfill their obligations under the program of providing drugs to the poorest regions.

If in most countries of the world is vaccinated about 40% of residents or more, then in Africa, immunization passed only 5% of the population. At the same time, according to the calculations of charitable organizations, only one of the seven doses of the vaccine promised to the poorest residents of the planet really reach the goal.

“I can say for sure that we do not cope. We need to really accelerate, but otherwise you know what happens? This pandemic will continue for a year longer than it should be”, “said the representative of WHO.