WHO has prepared a report on trip to Wuhan

Report of the International Group of Experts, who visited China in January – February to clarify the origin of the new coronavirus, will be ready in a few days. This was announced on Friday at a briefing The head of the mission, the WHO expert on zoonogenic infections (transmitted by person from animals) and food security Peter Ben Embarek.

“We are close to complete the work on the report. This work is not easy, we needed to provide accurate translation and analyze hundreds of pages of documents. But now we come to almost the finish line. I think that in a few days the work will end, and We will be able to publish the report “, Citize the TASS representative of WHO.

For its part, the Director of the WHO Emergency Situations Program, Michael Ryan, noted that the report will first be provided to WHO Member States that will be able to discuss it, and then posted in open access.

WHO experts arrived in Chinese Wuhan to study the origin of the coronavirus of the new type on January 14. At the final press conference in February, representatives of the International Group said that they could not achieve any serious breakthrough, but during collaboration with colleagues from the PRC, they were able to determine the main hypotheses of the appearance of coronavirus. The most likely version, according to experts, is that the virus has passed from wild animals through an intermediate link.