Who helps Er-Riyadh produce ballistic missiles

According to the latest media reports, Saudi Arabia can produce ballistic missiles. On satellite images obtained by NBC News, the place of production of missiles seems to be west of the capital of Er-Riyadh.

“Key proof is that the” Corollasting “system works at the facility to utilize the solid fuel remaining from the production of ballistic missiles,” said Jeffrey Lewis researchers and David Schmers from Middlbury International Research Institute in Monteree, California.

The US Special Services also stated that Beijing helps Er-Riyadh in this endeavor.

Given that the kingdom has purchased its first rockets in China, these conclusions are not amazing. Back in 1988, Er-Riyad purchased Chinese DF-3A, a model that later earned a reputation as a “extreme inaccurate” model with limited mobility. Then in 2007, Saudi Arabia purchased the DF-21 missiles, as it became known in 2014.

The exacerbation of regional rivalry and disagreements could encourage ER-Riyad in recent years to modernize its defense potential. In particular, the two attacks of drone in 2019 on key oil objects could become a turning point. Over the past half century, Er-Riyad has become closer to Beijing, and it is likely that the kingdom appealed for help to its ally.

Meanwhile, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that China opposes the spread of weapons of mass destruction. However, it is said that “China and Saudi Arabia are comprehensive strategic partners. Such cooperation does not violate any international law and is not associated with the spread of weapons of mass destruction.”