Who knocked down helicopter, on board which was head of General Staff?

The death of the headquarters of the defense of the Armed Forces of India Bipina Ravat caused a lot of suspicion that it was not just a wreck of a helicopter, reports New York Sun.

The network has assumptions that it was an act of sabotage, followed by Pakistan or China. However, at the moment, this information was not officially confirmed, but suspicions remain, as Pakistan is a tactical threat, and China is a strategic opponent of India, writes the publication.

It is noted that the level of suspicion of China and Pakistan is so high that this is the first instinct among Indians. At the same time, the tragedy did not cause any suspicions pointing to the United States.

On the other hand, suspicion causes the fact that Bipin Ravat flew on the helicopter of Russian production. Russia is one of the main weapons suppliers to India, but when Ravate the share of the Russian Federation in sales fell from 70% to 49%, New York Sun writes.