WHO summary of Baseline report for UN Decade of Healthy Ageing is now available in all official UN languages

The UN Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030 is a global collaboration, that brings together governments, civil society, international agencies, professionals, academia, the media, and the private sector to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live. To support all stakeholders around the world to drive forward their efforts towards the achievement of healthy ageing, WHO is launching translations of the Decade of healthy ageing: baseline report – summary in all official UN languages.

The summary version of the baseline report, now available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, addresses five issues:

  1. Introduces healthy ageing, the Decade’s actions and enablers, and a pathway to accelerate impact by 2030;
  2. Where are we in 2020? The report provides a first-time baseline for healthy ageing worldwide;
  3. What improvements could we expect by 2030? It documents progress and scenarios for improvement;
  4. How can we accelerate impact on the lives of older people? It shows how older people and stakeholders together can optimise functional ability;
  5. The next steps including opportunities to boost collaboration and impact by 2023, the next reporting period.
Public Release. More on this here.