WHO warns of dangerous bacterium

The World Health Organization (WHO) called on the countries to carefully check the quality of medicines in connection with the detection in Yemen and Lebanon in the Methotrex medicine (methotrexat) used in the treatment of cancer, a pseudo -nosed bacterium capable of leading to the death of the patient, reports TASS with reference to the WHO Information Bulletin.

“It is likely that this product could be distributed to other countries through unofficial markets. Thus, it is important to identify and remove this infected product from circulation in order to prevent harm to patients,” the WHO

emphasized in the WHO.

According to the organization, the drug Mithotrex from the party MTI2101BAQ, dosed at 50 mg, was originally intended “exclusively for the Indian market.” In Yemen and Lebanon, this medicine was brought “outside the adjustable supply chain.” In this regard, its manufacturer, Selon Laboratories PVT LTD, “cannot guarantee the safety of the product.” After messages from pediatric hospitals in Yemen and Lebanon about the harm caused to patients in both countries, microbiological testing was carried out, which revealed the presence of a praying rod, which “indicates an infection of the product”, noted in the WHO

Pseudomed stick lives in water and soil, is the causative agent of nosocomial infections in humans. Treatment is difficult due to its high resistance to antibiotics. Infection of a pseudoscientific stick “can lead to death”, the use of an infected medicine “represents a serious risk for patients”, and warned in the WHO

Metreutrexate has an immunosuppressive effect. It is used in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

WHO called for “strengthening the observation and carefully monitoring the supply chains from countries and regions”, into which the infected methotrexate could get. In addition, she advised to strengthen observation of unofficial and unregulated markets.

“The competent authorities are recommended to immediately inform the WHO if this product is discovered in their market,” the information ballot says.